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Windows 7 Professional Upgrade

Recently I tested out the new VLK of Windows (Final Release) at the office. Few things I ran into that I though you should all know.

  1. Make sure and pay attention when the upgrade says you need to remove some programs first. I had my first install go great without removing the noncompatible items. But then later it crashed.
  2. When you finally get upgraded to Windows 7 you might have to reinstall programs such as Cisco VPN client. But don’t worry, the latest version works just fine.
  3. Give yourself a little over an hour for the upgrade. Keep in mind my hardware is faster than your average user.
  4. The Windows 7 Upgrade Disk DOES NOT BOOT. You have to have a current running licensed copy of Windows running in order to install. Not like before when it would ask for the previous OS disk to complete the clean install.
  5. If you try and do the clean install from the Advanced option. It make change your OS hard drive to drive D and set you up for dual boot. Sucks when your hard drive says d: instead of c: as we are all used to c:
  6. If you use intellitype software for your Microsoft keyboard and mouse make sure you are on version 7 of the software.
  7. PCHELPWARE will not PIN to the taskbar. (LAME)
  8. VMware Vsphere Client stopped working. Will try and reinstall that.
  9. Norton Ghost doesn’t work.
  10. Pidgin works fine.
  11. Winscp, Putty, Firefox, Keepass and other great programs work fine.
  12. Angry IP Scanner will work after you tell Windows it’s ok.
  13. CC Cleaner caused my machine to crash on the first install. So something is up. I wouldn’t recommend it yet. I’m sure they will figure it out soon.
  14. Altigen Altiview (VERSION 5.0) including IP talk seems to work just fine. (AMAZING!)

Finally for all of you AVG 8.5 users. I couldn’t save to the desktop or anywhere from Internet Explorer 8. The problem was AVG. I was trying to download some new themes and they just kept magically disapearing. I removed AVG and it corrected the problem. I’m going to reinstall AVG to see if it happens again. Gadgets are goofie. You place them, reboot and they go away. Still working on a fix for that. Thank God they ditched the sidebar. Kind of strange how Microsoft will get us hooked on something then take it away from us. Oh, well such as life.

New GUI is slick, Fast and reliable. I think Apple is going to have a run for their money on this one. No more annoying UAC bull (execpt for the serious system changes). Almost all of my strange software works just fine, unlike the upgrade from XP to Vista. I thought I was going to hate the new taskbar, but it’s really growing on me. Keep in mind I have been snorting Windows Taskbar since 95. So if I like it, you might just like it too. Hats off Microsoft! Now let me log back into my CENTOS Box 😀


For the GEEKS who follow this. I was on Vista Business VLK downloaded from eopen. I purchased the VLK Windows 7 PRO VLK and download the ISO from eopen also. Good Luck guys.

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