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Antivirus Live

This is the email we sent out to our customers. You can see the virus in action here on

Aloha Everyone,

Normally Digitech will not send out a system wide email to inform customers of viruses or other non-email related issues. However, because of the overwhelming service calls regarding a new virus/rogue software, we feel it necessary to let everyone know how dangerous this new virus and program is. The new virus/program is called Antivirus live.

This program will infect your computer through Yahoo Mail, Hotmail, friendster, facebook, myspace and any other website with open advertising systems. This virus is infecting computers through scare tactics.

More than likely you will see a warning saying your computer is infected. When you click to close the warning, you are actually clicking to install the virus. When you see the warning, hold the alt key and then click the F4 key (on PC). This will terminate the fake virus warning.

We cannot stress enough about the seriousness of this virus. It disables ALL programs and downloads additional viruses. If you get infected, please unplug the network connection to the computer and immediately call us or any other respected computer repair company. Because of it’s disabling affect we are unable to repair computers infected with Antivirus Live remotely.

If you are at a business we strongly recommend you avoid websites with potentially dangerous advertising. Using Firefox, Google Chrome and Internet Explorer will NOT protect you from this new virus. Additionally MOST antivirus programs are not stopping this virus because of the way it’s infecting your computer.

We have had approximately 30 phone calls yesterday and have 10 computers in house with the same virus. That tells us this virus is very effective at fooling the average user. Use caution in the next few days. Make sure your antivirus is up to date and Windows Updates are installed. This will help you avoid this virus.

If you have any questions at all, please don’t hesitate to give us a call.

Digitech Solutions LLC.

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