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Clear 4G Review. Road Runner Mobile. Same thing…

I wanted to give a heads up on the new CLEAR 4G service. I use it in the uglyvanfreewifi project to provide free Internet. Additionally I have the laptop modem card for when I’m on the go. I have a real problem with the new service. The upgrade was a snap, they sent me an email, I confirmed a few things and boom I had the new modem and was up and running. Few things you should know when upgrading to the new CLEAR 4G.

  • The Power pack looks the same. It’s not.
  • The New modem is MORE picky than the old one. Don’t assume it will have the same coverage as your previous Clearwire service. We have found that the new modem gets terrible signal compared to the old one. Yes, we are sure of this.
  • Speed, or should I say lack of speed. Even when the modem has full bars it’s not very fast at all. Don’t get me wrong, it’s faster than the old service. It’s just not what you think 4G is going to be.
  • Speaking of Bars… It is horrible to get full bars on both the laptop modem and the full size modem. Additionally the laptop modem has no external antenna. So if you have projects that require laptop modem with large external antennas. Not happening!
  • Traveling… Clear’s coverage is not like ATT, Sprint, Verizon, etc. Don’t think of this device as something you can take on vacation. Check coverage way before you think about getting the service. This is not a real mobile card.
  • NAT/PAT on their full size modem!!!!!!! Holy crap clear! What were you guys smoking? With the large modem they automatically provide NAT/PAT routing. That means you get a private IP and not a public. So if you want to do something cool with your modem…. You have to DMZ and double NAT the network. TERRIBLE!
  • Windows 7. If you got it… Do not install the software on the CD provided. (laptop usb only) You have to first download the software.

So what do I think about the new Clear? Oh how I wish I could get out of my contract? Anybody want to take over my contract… Hit me up. I would love to get out of it. Clear, you had your chance to shine on this new product. Seems like you blew it. Hope you guys figure it out.

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