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UPS Tracking Email Virus

Be cautious of UPS emails regarding tracking. We have removed viruses from multiple customers. All of them said they got it from the UPS Tracking email. The Virus is Trojan.Oficla

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FaceBook Charging Users a Fee.

Today one of the employee’s said, “Hey did you hear FaceBook is going to charge a fee?” My jaw about hit the floor! How can you charge for facebook? I don’t even need to email FaceBook or call them to tell you it’s a myth. FaceBook is like Taco Bell… if it’s easy to get to… You will go. If it’s far away, you might not go. FaceBook is a fad similar to Friendster, Myspace, etc. One day some new service will come out offering super farming and free something cool that everybody is into. We will think of FaceBook as just another social networking site of the past. I could be wrong, but I’m sure something new and hip is right around the corner.

So is FaceBook going to charge? Answer is no. If they did we would see Friendster come back from the grave.

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