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Digitech Solutions, LLC. is an authorized Altigen reseller!

We are proud to announce that Digitech Solutions, LLC. is authorized to sell and service Altigen IP PBX systems! We are excited to start servicing and selling Altigen’s state wide! If you have an Altigen and need assistance please don’t hesitate to give us a call! If you are interested in a new Altigen for your business let one of our experienced reps help you create the system that is right for you!

Digitech Solutions, LLC.

Mahalo to all our customers!

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AltiWare 6.5 Update1 QuickFix []

This update can ONLY be applied to 6.5 Update1 Server. (Version >=

IP Phone Firmware:

* IP phone firmware MUST be in 2×92 or above.


* Support Polycom IP Phone

* Support MaxMobile for Blackberry

* Support Paetec SIP Trunk

* Support MaxCommunicator and MaxAgent localization

* Support ASR for Fiserv

Fixes include in this update


SCR Case Subject

===== ===== ========

29949 79941 MaxAgent tabs missing

30366 81051 When switching MOH file, no music plays until reboot

30593 —– IP phone status display doesn’t work at MaxAdmin after Detach/Attach a

local gateway

30796 —– The History call log shows incorrect date when AltiServ system and client

system are in different date and use the Time Zone is same.

31175 83229 Loaded MaxCommunicator on the client system and now gets and error when

launching Internet Explorer. error, “ADX Loader popup error, ‘the wait

operation timed out’. This is caused by SmartTag.

31189 83477 Debug error when editing speed dials in MaxCommunicator

31192 —– MaxOutlook with IPTalk doesn’t work in Window 7 due to firewall setting

31226 83597 error when trying to remove VM from a WG Queue.

31236 —– Fail to update the read me in QuickFix

31239 —– (MaxCommunicator IPTalk) Cannot make a outgoing call after rejecting a

incoming call.

31270 —– Gphone Service crashes

31273 —– All IP phone failed and Debug assert dialog show for SIPSP

31275 —– MaxCommunicator (IPTalk) fails when you conference an outside number.

31285 —– SmartTag fails to work after autoupgrading MaxCommunicator/MaxAgent

31286 83804 MaxAgent won’t stay as lower toolbar

31290 83824 Monitored extensions disappear after to upgrade

31293 —– When check the TritonIP12PT board Board configuration found the

“Interface Call Error! ” after click the Advanced… button

31295 —– MaxCommunicator LED stays red when you dial an invalid extension number.

31299 83874 Failed to Answering/handling multiple calls in IPTalk

31301 83892 Typos in Max clients DND_OFF,DND_ON, and button

31305 83865 Server unexpectedly switched over to secondary system

31309 83720 Drop calls on system to system blind transfer

31314 —– SPServ ALP disconnect, IP Phone can’t reconnect and no response

31321 83864 Not all phones in paging group# 19500 are paging

31326 83851 Failed to record a Supervisor Listen-In Call from IP phone programming



SCR Case Subject

===== ===== ========

30026 79782 MaxSupervisor fails to export WG stats

30364 81085 Smart tags pop up error on HTTPS pages

30604 —– The status of workgroup member on MaxAgent will not update automatically

30775 —– Fax does not work

30798 —– IPTALK crashed on two workstations: one running Vista 32-bit OS, the

other running Windows 7 64-bit OS.

30835 82410 maxagent history is showing call history of another extension

30860 81899 Read config hangs in earlier versions of 6.5 Update1

30863 82444 SmartTag is not working on some web pages.

30867 82409 transferred calls to wg go to VM instead of RNA/Logout handling

30909 82185 Visual C++ Debug assertion failed error. Admin showed a Debug error and

phones became unresponsive.

30929 82683 In MaxOutLook there is a 5 second delay when using Stop and Rewind keys

when listening to VM messages.

30959 82753 Remote extensions show as “local” in AltiConsole

30960 82771 Conference members have no way communication after the mute button is

pressed using MaxCommunicator in another MeetMe conference.

30962 81536 wrong caller ID from anonymous caller

30974 —– SmartTag feature is not working with Dynamic HTML pages.

30988 —– Should not increase Meet Me Conference resource when using MAXAgent to

unmute its members.

31008 82730 No AA prompts are heard on 154 MHz PRI Board after reset board

31012 82629 Inbound calls to IP Phones show caller ID on maxcommunicator but not on

phone until call is answered.

31013 —– Try to register several third party IP extensions and it caused Altiserv

to crash.

31046 —– Fail to register IP extension if SIP trunk can not connect to SIP


31051 —– Cannot Listen, Barge-In, or Coach a call over VOIP to a Mobile agent.

31058 82037 Newly configured exts can’t use MeetMe in MaxCommunicator

31059 —– Microsoft Visual C++ Debug Library : Debug Assertion Failed!

(C:\AltiServ\Exe\altiserv.exe) File: c:\program files\microsoft visual

studio 8\vc\include\list Line: 236

31068 82679 “MaxAgent has encountered an error and needs to close.”

31077 83124 All MaxBoards fail board test in 6.5 Update1

31081 83141 MaxAgent crashes when trying to login

31083 —– IP Phones will not connect to Altiserv after updating to 6.5 update1


31085 83120 Trunk hang on seizing outside line when using 7 digits in OCR

31095 —– First AA of Altiserv never be selected when using MAXAgent.

31097 —– When upgrading from to, the installation of didn’t overwrite the DSP binary files of

31102 83190 Caller position and expected time in queue was position 99 and 99

minutes when using Advanced Queue setting (AQM)

31119 —– Debug error was found when click the “are you sure to disconnect all

AltiAdmins” –“Yes” button in Extension Checker tool

31126 83243 MaxAdmin Export config does not support escape special values for

extension name

31137 82976 Intermittently transfers fail in MaxClient. The user is presented with

the question of “do you want to transfer this call”, and clicking on it

does nothing

31138 82681 Transfer window disappears in MaxCommunicator

31140 83280 Auto Answer not functioning properly

31143 —– (Windows 7) Each time a connect MaxCommunicator it tell me AltigenJLib

does not match.

31154 —– Windows blue screen when using USB system key at 64-bit Windows 2008 and

run load overnight

31156 —– (Windows 2008 32bit) When you run load on SoftSwitch/HMCP server the

server will reboot around 3AM

31157 83268 picking up call from line park shows up in redial and call log

31158 83262 MaxAgent auto answer not working

31162 82958 system unresponsive, unable to make or receive calls.

31164 83336 Change “Maximum of 10 Numbers” to “Up to 10 DNIS entries” in MaxMobile

DNIS configuration

31174 83383 Debug error for spserv.exe.

31176 83386 Inconsistent behavior from 6.0 to 6.5 MaxAgent Queue alert.

31183 83464 MaxCall does not send correct Transmitted CID

31187 82733 Mobile Extension fails to login

31190 83408 The conversation between the last 2 parties after a conference call is

not being recorded.

31197 83404 Netfilter error each time they start MaxCommunicator


SCR Case Subject

===== ===== ========

28926 —– In Agent Veiw of Maxsupervisor, Logout reason have not display Reason


30174 77150 MaxCommunicator loses connection to server on even brief loss of


30696 —– Unable to transfer or conference outside number after called a remote


30900 —– Cross talk on Mobile Extension

30958 82735 AltiConsole is not releasing licenses.

30959 82753 All extensions show as “local” in AltiConsole

30964 82761 MAXAgent for OCS does not keep monitor list

30976 82785 MAXAdmin hangs if more than 100 remote extensions is configured

31001 82637 Transfer to a extension in DND gives message that is confusing to



SCR Case Subject

===== ===== ========

27028 70317 Adv Call Router not routing calls properly.

28300 74364 Allow hidden registry key to force TCP for RTM data (MaxSupervisor)

28301 74365 Allow hidden registry key to force TCP for RTM data (MaxAgent)

29319 77605 Intermittently, Workgroups show as (Non-Business hours) even though

this is a 24 x 7 shop.

29890 79841 VM& SP log dump slows down system

30141 79823 MaxSupervisor does not update stats

30215 79812 Losing audio on mobile ext when receive a call to a mobile extension

during a conference.

30218 80591 Should not ask Account Codes for local calls

30239 80439 Issues forwarding messages from VM box to VM box

30240 80767 Extension # sent as caller id when calling out from voice mail on PRI

30254 80830 Ext A is transferring a call to Ext B. If Ext C calls Ext A, Ext A

will hear silence

30291 80891 After upgrade to 6.5, customer no longer get notification about mixed

media messaging

30297 80156 Hopoff calls are not retaining original outbound CID

30339 80478 IP Phones don’t stop ringing on RNA

30369 80859 AltiReport 3201 DNIS summary gives inconsistent results

30379 80936 intermittently outbound calls on partial PRI fail

30380 80963 Internal CDR Internal.mdb fails to compact

30413 81066 Debug errors when accessing the voicemail tab and when trying to

delete a voicemail at MaxCommunicator

30422 81232 Newly installed 6.5 HPBX server, when click on License in HPBX Admin,

Services crash.

30423 80786 ACT! plugin failed on Act! 2009

30446 81123 AltiAdmin crash

30457 81250 IPTalk License Leak

30463 —– Meet Me conference doesn’t work properly when it is interrupted by

single call waiting.

30468 81149 Installation of ELS with SQL2008

30475 81309 Issues answering mobile extension calls

30477 81416 Inability to restrict client session licenses in feature profile

30482 81382 Agent can see that their call is being monitored.

30494 81435 Dialing “###” from MaxAgent or MaxCommunicator is no longer allowed.

30502 81445 Screen Pops do not work from Goldmine

30510 81493 Outbound calls on PRI intermittently give silence when it should

return busy

30514 81495 IP Talk functioning incorrectly after upgrading from 5.2 to 6.5

30533 —– When logging out of MaxCall and back in, you have to re-record your

message otherwise when used the server does not play the recorded

message, and drops the call

30535 81456 MaxAgent closes during calls

30536 81479 system locks up

30537 81374 MaxCommunicator fails to Synchronize with Outlook when 3rd party

FileSite add-in is installed

30589 81817 VM distribution lists do not show up in MaxCommunicatior when

forwarding a Voicemail

30592 81840 Incorrect duration stats when CDR Search is showing call info for one

call shows 00:(null)

30594 81737 System generated a debug error and phones went down

30610 81862 MaxAdmin shows incorrect data in Line Port / PC port fields in

MaxAdmin/IP Phone configuration window.

30611 81696 Call to mobile ext drops when callee dials digit to accept call

30613 81780 Search By First Name, then type in last name and the directory listing

disappears at MaxCommunicaor and MaxAgent

30629 81636 Failed to run Workgroup Statistic report in CDR Search

30660 —– Altiserv.exe crash due to extension deletion

30665 81759 Handsfree Mode not working in same manner as previous versions

30684 —– MaxAgent and MaxCommunicator fail to autoupgrade on Windows 7 systems.

30686 —– Garbbled voice in forwarded message

30709 82010 The size of toolbar in MaxOutlook is wrong

30712 81773 Failed to install External Logger Service on Windows 2008 and unable

to see CDR database in the drop down box of ELS program.

30725 82096 #32 does not work from all phones.

30732 82115 Inbound calls on PRI with Caller ID of ‘o’ has not talk path.

30743 —– WG VM does not show on MaxAgent

30746 81053 IP phones all went off, admin app hung.

30759 —– An error windows will pop up when select the top or bottom view from

MaxAgent Arrange window, and the MaxAgent is not belonging any WG

30762 82078 no ring back on hopoff calls.

30766 82183 MaxAgent app freezing up

30778 82114 “Cannot answer this call. Please use phone set to pick up call” IPTalk

30784 —– MaxSupervisor can not running after no select the WG to login it

30807 —– Extension A calls IP Phone B, and B doesn’t answer the call. A will

enter B’s “Busy Call Handling” instead of “RNA call handling”

30816 82118 MaxAgent and MaxCommunicator causes cpu usage to go to 100% when Call

History has more then 10000 entries

30824 82389 assigned Calling Number in SIP trunk profile not saved

30837 82411 Favorites section does not show BLF in iPhone

30838 82418 One way audio on transferred call.

30841 81873 Transfer to VM fails across VoIP domain in one direction

30860 81899 Read config hangs in earlier versions of 6.5 Update1

30867 82409 transferred calls to wg go to VM instead of RNA/Logout handling

30870 82127 Some calls incorrectly showing as “overflow/redirected” in CDR

30909 82185 Visual C++ Debug assertion failed error. Admin showed a Debug error

and phones became unresponsive.

30917 82617 #29+WGNum picks up any call ringing to any member of the WG.

30926 —– Failed to transfer call or conference after play file on the call.

30927 82672 HPBX MaxAdmin crashes when click on “System key not found or invalid”

30944 82746 Call log overwites Redial data at IP phone

30949 82657 Register on-line failed when running Windows 2008

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