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Altigen Crashes under SIP DOS attack.


There is a new update released for Altigen’s running 6.5 Update 1. WE HIGHLY RECOMMEND THIS UPDATE. If you have SIP ports open to the public this update is a MUST. We have already been hit on multiple phone systems. It’s very difficult to access the systems remotely as the processor hits 100% and stays there. Please contact us if you have questions.

          AltiWare 6.5 Update1 QuickFix []
                               JAN 2011

Note! Please read this document carefully before you apply the fix.

This update can ONLY be applied to 6.5 Update1 Server. (Version >=

IP Phone Firmware:
* IP phone firmware MUST be in 2×95 or above.


* Support Polycom IP Phone
* Support MaxMobile for Blackberry
* Support Paetec SIP Trunk
* Support MaxCommunicator and MaxAgent localization
* Support ASR for Fiserv
* Add DoS attack protection
* Support roaming profile for MaxSupervisor
* Add a registry to disable extension dialing at the first level of auto attendant

Fixes include in this update


SCR Case Subject
32435 —– Duplicate records are logged for calls reentered into SuperQ
32429 86908 Select-n-dial compatibility with Lync/OCS clients
32422 86827 Admin prompts that hardware has changed and not registered
32414 86780 Voice Mail shows up late
32409 86767 Customer’s are unable to run reports for 2011 in AltiReport
32205 —– Unable to login IP phone or IPTalk if #26 and #27 is disabled at
                Feature Profile
32040 —– The boards IDs are different between primary and secondary system
                and cause all boards disappear at secondary system.

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