Unpack my .zip and .rar files!

Over the years I have ran into other geeks that have showed me some really cool software that is cheap or free. I would like to share these programs with all of you.

Back in the day I used to use a program called WinZip. I’m sure most people are familiar with it. WAY  WAY back in the day I used a program called PKUNZIP. That was the good old DOS days. Since Windows XP Microsoft has included a built in program for unzipping compressed files. But it’s a typical Microsoft program lacking ease of use and such. So what do I use now to uncompress those pesky .zip files? Winrar! Winrar is by far the best compress/decompress program out there hands down. What is slick about winrar is that you can easily right click on a zip or rar file and simply select “decompress here.” I know that after time Winzip added this feature to the Windows Shell (right click feature). Additionally the winrar program unpacks and packs files faster and with less effort than WinZip or the Windows built in feature. You can get winrar at www.rarlabs.com I suggest you purchase it as they are always improving the software.

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