Crap Cleaner

A lot of the times you see ads on the Internet or on TV telling you that they can clean up your computer and make it faster. So is there really a program out there that can make your computer faster? YES!

I was introduced to a really cool piece of software about a year ago. I was told by a buddy of mine that he had this software that would clean his registry and his temporary files etc. I was skeptical at first… But after trying it I was sold . The program is called CC Cleaner and you can get it at It’s a FREE program that actually doesn’t have spyware or something attached to it like Google toolbar or something stupid. This program is awesome, it deletes orphaned registry entries and cleans up your hard drive somewhat similar to disk cleanup built into Windows XP. It’s hard no days online to try out freeware without worrying about your computer taking a crap on you.

So download CC cleaner and let me know what you think. Do me a favor and backup your registry when it prompts you before cleaning the registry. That way if you do have a problem you can simply run the backup file.


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