WiFi Cook My Brain?

Everybody always asks me… “Which Wireless Router should I purchase for home?” This is a tough question to answer. I almost feel like telling the customer to buy the cheapest one on sale because all brands will eventually die on them.

But, I have found a favorite wireless router among all the brands. When I started the Ugly Van Free WiFi project about a year ago I was looking for a wireless router that could put out a strong signal and accept an external antenna. I was surprised that not many companies offered affordable wireless routers that had an external antenna connection. I ended up finding the Buffalo WHR-HP-54G. I think it was only $60 at the time. I found it on www.newegg.com.

This router exceeded my expectations! I was able to load DD-WRT on it fairly easy and I was able to hook up  a -15db external antenna. Now I have a nice wireless setup in my van that can produce a signal up to a mile!

Now if you’re not as geeky as me. I would recommend something cheap and simple. My second favorite is the Linksys WRT54G series. Skip the N wireless routers as it’s mostly not necessary. If you have Cable or DSL you won’t need a wireless router faster than 54g. (54Mbit)

On my final note. If you go wireless… Read the directions! Make sure you set a WEP KEY at the very minimum. The easiest of all hacks is the getting into your open wireless. If you are too lazy to read or if you can’t read… Give me a call and I will set it up for your remotely for FREE! Cool eh? Obviously some restrictions apply. So call me for the details.


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