VoIP To Good To Be True?

Let me give you a little back ground on my VoIP experience before I write this blog. I want to make sure you understand I’m not hoaring myself out to the products I recommend. Always keep in mind I have no interest in making a single dime off of these posts. I just want to inform the public of some cool products out there that really do what they say they will.

I have been working with VoIP since 1999 when I started working at Business Works of Hawaii Inc. We had an Altigen VoIP PBX system that we had built in house. At the time VoIP was highly unreliable and basically was a waste of money. You needed a super fast connection and a high initial investment. Since 1999 I have worked with VoIP non-stop. I am an Altigen Certified Engineer on two different revisions of the Altigen VoIP phone system products. I have installed over 100 VoIP PBX’s. So I would think my qualifications are there. Let me get off the soap box and explain why I’m establishing my qualifications to blog on this subject.

Today I had a high end customer in Kailua that needed long distance enabled on his telephone. He is staying temporarily in a very expensive property. The phone company said they enabled long distance but ofcourse they are full of crap. Being that I have stayed up many sleepless nights with the TV on. I remember the AD for the Magic Jack. I had also heard some buzz about the product working pretty well. I figured why not give it a try. I picked one up at radio shack of all places for about $50. I installed it on the customer’s computer in only about 5 minutes. It worked right away with little hassle at all. The call quality was comparable to my iphone and seemed very reliable. For the money I think Magic Jack is awesome. I would recommend it to any person who travels a lot and needs a phone instantly at their hotel etc. It’s simple because you just unplug the hotel phone and plug it in to the Magic Jack. So props to Magic Jack for brining simple, fast and effective VoIP to the people. Kick Vonage to the curb and get yourself a Magic Jack. You can thank me later.



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