Windows 2003 Server R2 X64 VS. X86

I have a big beef with Microsoft. Everybody already knows that if you install Windows 2003 Server R2 X86 versions you can only really allocate 4GB of RAM. Thank God Microsoft released X64 2003 Server that allows users to expand the memory way past the 4GB mark. 64-bit 2003 Server is an awesome system. It’s stable and can handle a lot more work load than X86.

Recently through the trial and error process I realized that you cannot install the Group Policy Management Console on Windows 2003 Server X64. Fortunately Microsoft has figured out how dumb that was and enabled GPMC for 2008 Server X64. Only problem is that 2008 Server is basically Windows Vista. Additionally in 2008 server Microsoft heavily modified IIS making it horribly difficult to adapt too quickly. Microsoft needs to pull its head out of its rear and get with the program.

So word of advice: do not make your active directory controllers 2003 server x64 unless you can dedicate an X86 machine just for GPMC.


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