Cloud Computing Hawaii

Cloud computing has been a major buzz now that Apple has released its iCloud.  So I figured I would write about it to explain cloud computing in simple terms.

Cloud Computing is nothing new. Not by a long shot. Digitech has been providing cloud services in Hawaii for the last 3 years.

So what is it? How does it work?

Cloud computing is simply housing your information remotely on a cloud service providers infrastructure. Cloud companies combine multiple servers together to work in teams or clusters. They build small clusters of servers  nationwide to provide fault tolerance and redundancy. Essentially it’s the same if you had an office with a couple servers in the back room, with a couple differences. Instead of the power of a couple servers. You have the power of a team of servers. Here is a great example of why cloud computing is popular.

Customer “John” Would like his staff of 5 people to use QuickBooks, Share Files and Work on the same files with ease. John’s 5 employees travel interisland all the time and constantly need to access QuickBooks and files.

If John had traditional servers in his office the cost might look like this.

$4,000 for the Server.
$500 for the VPN firewall
$200 for the battery backup.
$700 for Windows Server.
$300 for Terminal Server.
$2,000 for tape backup.
$2,000 for IT nerd to setup everything.
$50 month power. (Servers use about 600 Watts)
$150 for that upgraded internet with the high upload speed and Static IP.

Total Cost to get John’s server going?


Poor John still has to deal with Air Conditioning for the server, Power problems, Manual Backups, Security and Maintenance. So cost of ownership over 3 years will probably look more like $12,000.

But don’t worry, John is a genius. He calls Digitech Solutions and says. I need a Virtual Server that can handle 5 people concurrently from anywhere in the world.

John gets a server from Digitech for $150/month. What does John get for $150 a month?

Automated Backups with a 7 year retention policy.
99.9% Uptime.
No Maintenance.
No IT guy.
No Servers in his Office.
Access from anywhere in the world.
Strong security.
Unlimited Growth.
Unlimited Hard Drive Space.
Super Fast connections.
Dedicated IP addresses.
No Headache.

John’s cost over 3 years. $5,400 Initial money out of pocket for John? $150.

You might be asking how we make money right?

We use technology that allows us to utilize our servers to their maximum potential.  We built  strong systems so that “John” would not have to. We took the tech out of the equation. We deliver ready to roll systems for affordable prices. We do all the maintenance, monitoring, backups and security for you.

Cloud computing is big in the media right now because companies are doing it on a grand scale. Apple’s new datacenter in NC is 1 Billion dollars. Overtime we believe that servers in customers offices will be a thing of the past. As the internet gets more stable and faster you will see a push to move all equipment offsite.

Virtualize your company today! Say goodbye to your IT guy and downtime.

Cloud computing in Hawaii with Digitech Solutions, LLC.


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