OS X 10.6.8 Update causes network printers to pause.

Have you noticed that after updating your Mac printing on your Xerox stops working? You’re not the only one. The new Mac update breaks network printing. When you send a print you will see your printer go to pause and hold the print job. Deleting the printer and re-adding does not work. Here is the fix!

The files that need to be downgraded back to 10.6.6 are in the following folder.


The files to replace are as follows.





I recommend you back these files up before replacing them. I have called mine “ipp copy” etc so you don’t accidently overwrite the files prior to backing up.

I have upload the files from 10.6.6 if you need them.backend

If this helped you out please let us know. 🙂

Hopefully Apple doesn’t continue to make mistakes like this.

Thanks to Stacy Sur at Hawaii Housing and Finance for the great research and assistance.

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