Super Virus Me Please.

I get this question all of the time… “What is the best virus scanner?” Back in the day I used to use Mcafee Virus Scan. It worked ok at the time. But where is Macafee now? I work on approximately 100 different computers a month. I honestly cannot remember the last time I saw Mcaffee.

So what is the best virus scanner today? Well personally I prefer AVG-FREE. It is hands down the best virus scanner on the market right now that is free. I have installed it over a thousand times by now and have yet to have a REAL problem. Occasionally it will do some whacky update and screw up it’s ctf files. (Update control files). But that is easy to fix and there is plenty of posts online on how to fix it. This virus scanner is awesome because it is mostly just a virus scanner. Norton and Mcaffee include all kinds of crap that can screw up your computer. I have seen norton totally shut your network connection down. So stick to the cheap/free AVG.

Keep in mind with AVG that the FREE version is for non-commercial use. So if you use it at work… PAY FOR IT! The software is only $20 for a 2 year single license.

AVG is a fantastic program and it does remove viruses. However, it doesn’t handle all of the nasty stuff floating out there right now. I recommend pairing AVG with a program called Malwarebytes. This is another free program for non-commercial use that is awesome. Malwarebytes has really stepped up this last year as the top dog of malware, virus and rogue program remover. Using both AVG and Malwarebytes will really help keep your Windows computer pretty safe.

Keep in mind that using these programs will help you remove the viruses if you get them. BUT the best way to keep from getting the viruses in the first place is to keep Windows Updated, keep your virus scan updated, be cautious about what pages you go to, if you start to see weird stuff… SCAN YOUR COMPUTER!

Also, a lot of my customers will call me and say, “Hey, I removed the virus but my computer is still screwed.” Keep in mind that the virus has probably attached it’s self to your Windows system files or internet browser. Just because you removed the virus doesn’t mean your computer is all better. Most of the virus removal process is not removing the virus but restoring Windows back to it’s normal state.

To avoid all of this… Buy a Mac.

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