iPhone Chat Setup

SmarterMail Chat via iPhone

Aloha, these instructions will guide you through setting up your private chat client to SmarterMail via your iPhone.

1. Open the AppStore and Search for the APP called IM+


2. The App should look like this.


3. Install the IM+ APP.

4. You should now see this app on your Home Screen.


5. Please open the app. It should look like this. NOTE: If prompted to allow PUSH NOTIFICATIONS, select yes.


6. Scroll down and Select More Services.


7. When you select more services. Please select XMPP and select Next.IMG_2385

8. You will now be prompted to input your email account information. For this Example I have setup a dummy account under Pural. Make sure your account is your full email address. You do not have to use your name for the alias. It should look like this.


9. Now Click on Advanced.


10. Make sure you change the host to the following:


The rest you can leave alone.

Click Back. and Then click DONE.

You’re all setup. You should now see other people in your company that are setup with Chat through SmarterMail.

If you need assistance please give us a call. 808-699-3811


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