Pidgin IM with SmarterMail

Pidgin IM with SmarterMail


This guide will walk you through installing and configuring Pidgin IM with SmarterMail. This allows you to use a client program to chat with other staff attached to your email system on Digitech Solutions SmarterMail.

1. Go to and download Pidgin Client. Click on the downloading link circled.


2. If using Internet Explorer you can click RUN. If not simply download the program to your desktop or download folder. Then run the program to begin installing. You may need administrator access to install this program. If you need help please contact us or your local IT staff to install this program.

3. Now you should have the installer. Please click Next.


4. Click Next Again.


5. Click Next Again.5

6. Select Desktop and Click Next6

7. Click Install.


8. You should now have Pidgin installed. Click on the ICON located on your desktop.


9. Now let’s setup Pidgin. Click on Add.


10. Under Protocol please select XMPP.


11. Now fill in the following information.

Username will be the first half of your email. For example if my email is I would put just Jacob.

Password will be your normal email password.

Domain will be the last half of your email. For Example if my email is I would put just

Resource is left blank.

Local Alias can be just your first name or your full name. For my example it will just be Jacob.

Also, make sure to save your password for ease of use.

This is what it should look like.


12. Now click on the Advanced Tab. In here you will need to add SmarterMail to your Connection Server.

Connection Server:

Under Connection Security select: Use encryption if available.

Check the box Allow plaintext auth over unencrypted streams.

It should look like this.


13. Now click ADD.

14. Congrats! You have no setup Pidgin IM. You can close the accounts box and begin using Chat through SmarterMail.13

If you need our help please don’t hesitate to give us a call.



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